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Non-contact respiratory data collecting/analysis systems for adult

These systems collect respiratory data from adults without any contact and invasion to the patient for basic clinical studies. We plan to sell the systems to researchers in order to use the data collected for clinical research of Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),etc.
In order to diagnose sleep problems, the patient has to wear many sensors all night, which incurs a lot of burden to the patient as well as to the clinical professionals. In light of this, we developed a non-contact system to measure respiratory thorax movements. The system uses an Infra-Red (IR) laser and a laser beam splitter to illuminate the thorax of the patient with IR beams. And a camera with a solid state sensor such as CCD collects the positions of the beams to determine the 3 dimensional position change by triangulation. The data are averaged in all or in part to obtain respiratory waveforms, number of respirations, various respiratory patterns and the surface movements associated with respiration in order to analyze respiration.
At present, prototypes are distributed to researchers to carry out investigation and some of the results were presented at the 7th Respiratory Function Imaging Research Symposium and at the 51st Japan Rehabilitation in Medicine Conference.

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[Warning] This system cannot currently be used for diagnostic purposes as it is a basic research system.

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