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Optical laryngeal organ motion analysis systems

These systems detect the movements of throat surface to measure the swallowing capability targeted for clinical studies. We plan to sell those systems to researchers who are studying swallowing capability for medical purposes.
For measuring swallowing capability, tests such as VF, CT and VE tests have been used, which cannot be repeatedly used due to x-ray exposure and other issues. In light of this, we developed a non-contact system that requires no contact to the patient to measure laryngeal organ movements. The system uses a laser (visible light) and a laser beam splitter to illuminate the throat of the patient with IR beams, A camera with a solid state sensor such as CCD collects the positions of the beams to determine the 3 dimensional position change by triangulation of the throat when food is swallowed. These time depended data can be used to estimate the time to swallow food.
At present, prototypes are distributed to researchers to carry out investigation and some of the results were presented at the Japan swallowing rehabilitation in medicine conference.

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[Warning] This system cannot currently be used for diagnostic purposes as it is a basic research system.

Optical throat organ motion analysis systems(TypeA)

Type A

Optical throat organ motion analysis systems(TypeB)

Type B