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About Ideaquest

Message from the President

Mitsuhiro Sakamoto

president, CEO
Mitsuhiro Sakamoto

Ideaquest Inc. is a startup company which endeavors to cope with decreasing birthrate and aging population problems by protecting the lives of infants and the elderly. We established our company to introduce respiration monitoring systems, posture discerning systems and swallowing function evaluation systems into the society by using non-contact 3 dimensional information acquiring technology developed by the Nakajima laboratory at Keio University.
Our products use university originated and world first technologies which can detect minute movements of thorax and abdominal areas during breathing and larynx area while swallowing food. Human vision cannot discern these minute movements.Our systems can also monitor the elderly in enclosed rooms such as bedrooms, washrooms and bathrooms for the sudden change in their conditions without the influence of lighting conditions.

The company name, Ideaquest consists of a Greek word, IDEA which means perpetual existence in Plato Philosophy and an English word QUEST. We will continue to search for the best products to protect lives of infants and the elderly.
The company logo is an owl which is considered to have high intelligence and has been respected as a valet of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, courage and inspiration. Owl’s eyes have 100 times the sensitivity of human eyes , which enables them to see far and in darkness, and leading to our technologies. Thus, we believe it is ideal to use an owl as our logo.

We are a newly born startup company and determined to contribute to the society by our new systems.
We would appreciate your kind support.

Mitsuhiro Sakamoto, president, CEO and representative director
April 10, 2014