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Collaborating organizations

[Collaborating research organization]

Medical rehabilitation dept., Kawasaki medical university

Medical rehabilitation dept., Keio university, faculty of medicine

Hideo Saito lab, faculty of science and technology, Keio university

Mitsuo Aoki lab, faculty of science and technology, Keio University

Prenatal center, National Center for Child Health and Development

Neurology dept., National Center for Global Health and Medicine

Neurology dept., National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry

Pediatrics, Hachinohe hospital, National Hospital Organization

Respiratory dept., Saitama medical university

Ohashi lab, electrical and electronics dept., Shizuoka university

Pediatrics science dept. Showa university hospital

Aoki Lab, optical systems, Chitose institute of science & technology

Watanabe lab, advanced education, Unv. of Electro-Communications

Rehabilitation dept., Tokyo wangan rehabilitation hospital

Tarada lab, intelligent information dept., Tokushima university

Health social welfare nursing dept., Tokushima bunri university

Rehabilitation dept., Higashisaitama hospital, National Hospital org

Sleep respiratory dept., Taranomon hospital

[Contract manufacturing and prototyping company ]

Ojima Shisaku Co.