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News Release

News Release

Ideaquest Inc., a startup corporation originated from Keio University (Headquarters: Higashi-kojiya Ota-ku Tokyo, President and representative director: Mitsuhiro Sakamoto) started to market non-contact and non-constraint bedside safety monitoring systems, Owlsight for social welfare on October 27th.

Background of Development

Risks of accidents and leaving bed to wonder are always accompanied with caretaking people with dementia. In order to reduce the risks, caretakers always have to watch those people, which creates a lot of burden on caretakers. Ideaquest developed bedside safety monitoring systems with artificial intelligence to reduce caretakers’ burden as well as to increase Quality of Life for people under care by enabling them to have normal life. Owlsight will provide information for the infrastructure of total community care systems and support the ultra-aging society.

Features of Our Product

  1. Sensor which blends with the bed room
    The sensor can be installed at high places such as on the wall or ceiling to monitor the safety of patients. Its form like a light fixture does not make it stand out and interfere with daily life.
  2. Non-contact and non-constraint
    Owlsight uses an infrared non-contact sensor, which will eliminate the physical burden on patients. The patients can have normal life without any contacts on their body, nor constraints.
  3. Detects large and minute movements
    Owlsight detects large movements such as standing, leaning against bed railings as well as minute movements such as agonies and shivering which are difficult to detect even with human eyes. By detecting biological information, Owlsight can discern the presence of the patient regardless of a quilt or blanket.
  4. Quick report of the abnormality of patient
    Our sensor determines the degree of danger. When Owlsight detects danger, it will immediately notify caretaker’s smartphone, which provides a sense of affinity.
  5. Pay attention to privacy protection
    The smartphone provided to caretakers will show images without visible light. These images will enable caretakers to verify posture and movements of patients, but face and clothes of the patients cannot be identified, which protects the privacy of the patients.
  6. Verify the history of patient’s movements
    Owlsight retains the log for 3 months, which will enable caretakers to analyze the cause of danger.

* This product was developed with support from the 2013 robot caretaking introduction promotion undertaking by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). We have also obtained support as one of "important projects" of Kanagawa prefecture. The sensor of the product uses the technology developed by the “innovation implementation support program” of NEDO.


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